Mental Health

Erica Drexler, MA, MS, LPC-Associate

Erica was born in California and raised in Texas where she became a minister, and a youth
nonprofit owner.
Professional Background:
Erica was with with Mosaic Tree Counseling for many years, starting as a Practicum Intern.
She moved up to Portland Oregon to work for Children’s Intensive Therapy NW
She received her first master’s degree from Howard University School of Divinity in 2013 in
Theology. Then graduated in 2017 with a second master’s in clinical Mental Health from the
University of St. Thomas.
Personal Philosophy:
Erica is a solution-focused therapist who cares deeply for her clients and helps them to
navigate through their struggles.
Erica is enthusiastic about helping and encouraging others. She specializes in working with
pediatrics, youth and women who are struggling with anxiety, depression, suicide,
behavioral issues, communication skills, seld-esteem, faith, and women issues.